How Do Dumpster Rentals Work?

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Dumpster rentals can come in handy for several different reasons. If you’re looking to ensure you not only get the most out of renting a dumpster and also don’t overpay, we’re here to help – Dumpster Rentals Work.

Here are a few pointers to help you better understand – how does a dumpster rental work?

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As previously mentioned, there are several different reasons to rent a dumpster. Some great opportunities for a dumpster rental would include during:
  • Home renovation projects
  • Removal of waste materials garbage collectors won’t take
  • Spring cleaning
  • Hosted events on your property
  • Converting rooms
  • Baby-proofing your home
  • Storm clean up
These are just a few examples of when a dumpster rental would be beneficial, but the opportunities are nearly endless. Contrary to what many may believe, residential dumpster rentals are far more common than you might realize.

How Big a Dumpster Do I Need?

Dumpster rentals typically come in a range of sizes measured by cubic feet. To get these measurements, you would multiply the exterior dimensions (length x width x height) to get the volume in cubic feet of the dumpster. To turn this into cubic yards, you would divide the volume in cubic feet by 27.
Here are a few examples of standard sizes of dumpsters in cubic yards and an idea of what sized projects are suitable for each size.
10 Yard Dumpster new

10 Yard Dumpsters

The 10-yard dumpsters are excellent for small or medium-sized projects around your property. These dumpsters are beneficial in smaller residential projects, where larger units are not able to fit correctly. Consider a 10-yard dumpster, which holds four pickup truck loads, for any of the following:

  • Small-to-medium kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Small size garage, shed, and basement clean-outs
  • Small home remodeling projects, replacing doors, and additions
  • Land clearing, yard waste, and small-to-medium landscaping jobs

20 Yard Dumpsters

The next size up is the 20-yard dumpster, which holds up to eight pickup truck loads. These dumpsters are best for newer construction projects or building renovations. 20-yard dumpsters can also be helpful for:
  • Municipal facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Disposing of large quantities of cardboard boxes
  • Disposing of large amounts of plastics
20 Yard Dumpster New
30 Yard Dumpster New

30 Yard Dumpster

Larger jobs that require the disposal of bulky or awkwardly sized items might be interested in renting a 30-yard dumpster, which can hold up to 12 pickup truck loads. Some great examples of when a 30-yard dumpster might be critical include:
  • Patio and Deck replacements
  • Old flooring or roofing replacements, including boards
  • Living room, family room, and bedroom additions
  • Furniture replacements
  • Household items
  • Large home remodeling

40 yard dumpster

40-yard dumpsters are monstrous and can hold up to 16 pickup truck loads of waste. These massive dumpsters are ideal for demolition areas and large construction jobs. To get a better idea of just how much these dumpsters can hold, it’s equivocal to 230, 13-gallon garbage bags.

When it comes time to rent a dumpster, you’ll want to be sure to find one that is conveniently sized. While your dumpster should be able to contain all of your waste items, it should also be adequately suited for your property.

40 Yard Dumpster New

Where Does It Go?

When you purchase a dumpster rental, you don’t have to worry about the disposal. At Value Dumpster, we take care of that for you, so you don’t have to. We use the property county designated landfill or Transfer Stations to dispose of your rubbish safely.

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